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Amin Ariorad Paydar Trading co

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Our company is active in supplying Iranian teas, herbals, and dried fruits We are pleasured to export our goods with the highest quality available in the market, and the shortest delivery time The goods are shipped both packed and bulk depending on the customers' preference.  All the products are 100% natural, without adding any extra additives.


The satisfaction of our customers is the first and the most important issue in our mission, but to be precise, we consider it our responsibility here:

- To be available 7/24 (even on holidays)

- To provide our customers with the highest quality and the most competitive possible price in the market.

- To use the sources with the least possibility of cross-contamination or using pesticides.

- To use the best packing materials to avoid any sort of problems while goods shipment.

- To ship and deliver the goods on time as scheduled.


To become one of the most well-known global names in agriculture both on import and export all around the world.


In Amin Ario Rad Trading Co., we take pride in our values since they are the foundations that come even before starting a business.  Our values are our collective personality which aspires us to be one for our goals.  They revolve around Honesty, Authenticity, Trust, Accountability while putting ethics and the people we are working with first and respect our customers' values in different cultures.