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Marigold the magnificent

Marigold the magnificent

Marigold is the symbol of the power and strength of the sun and represents the almighty that appears inside a person. It is called the” herb of the sun” as the flowers flourished by coming up from the sun.

So far, Fifty-six species of Marigold are recognized and it is the birth flower of those who were born in October.

This amazing flower has a supportive nature and protects those plants growing around it. Furthermore, because of its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic effects, it is known as a medicinal plant.   

Based on your location, culture, and even your era, Marigold has different meanings. For example, Mexicans have a long history back to Aztec tribes who considered Marigold a sacred flower. They believed Marigold as a supernatural, reverent, and remedial flower.

In Buddhism, Marigolds are found enormously near altars and tombs of the Buddha. Juxtapose to Lotus flowers it is used to adore Buddha.

In Hinduism Marigold is used in marriage celebrations because Hindus consider it a symbol of optimism and happiness.

 In Christianity, Marigold associates with the virgin Mary and they are grown in bible gardens. In the ancient history of Greek and Egypt, it is worthy because of its enervating nature, so it is seen as a symbol of revitalization. In the middle ages, marigolds were conveyed by both men and women in the hope of finding love.


There are five provocations to hand over Marigolds as a present. Convalescence or wish someone the best. Condolence or reminiscence, espousals, and romantic gesticulations.

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