Version as Jan 2020

These general terms and conditions of sale and delivery shall take effect for all deliveries by Amin Ario Rad Co which shall be hereinafter referred to as “Seller”. Seller’s customers shall hereinafter be referred to as “Buyer”.

1.1 By placing an order with the Seller, the Buyer accepts these General Terms of Delivery.

1.2 Legally relevant statements and notices on the part of the Buyer with regard to the agreement (e.g. deadlines, notices of defect, statement of withdrawal or reduction) shall be made in writing, i.e. in written or text form (e.g. letter, e-mail, fax).

1.3 The General Terms of Delivery in the version in force at the time shall also govern all future agreements with the same Buyer regarding the sale of our goods without us having to expressly refer to them in each individual case. We shall inform the Buyer of any modifications to our General Terms of Delivery without undue delay.

2.1 All offers shall be non-binding and subject to prior sale unless expressly agreed to otherwise.

2.2 We accept orders by written order confirmation, by delivery of the goods or in case of advance payment, by issuing an invoice. An electronic confirmation of receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance. By accepting deliveries, the Buyer agrees to our General Terms of Delivery.

3.1 Unless agreed otherwise, the delivery shall be made to the Buyer FCA INCOTERMS at the warehouse designated by us in the respective order confirmation.

3.2 Our goods are natural products whose weight may change during transport due to external environmental conditions such as humidity. The weight information calculated by us upon conclusion of the agreement shall be based on the weight of the goods determined in the warehouse.

4.1 The delivery date shall be agreed individually or indicated by us upon acceptance of the order. The indication of delivery dates shall be conditional on Buyer’s cooperation due under the agreement (e.g. timely receipt of permits).

4.2 If we are not able to meet binding delivery dates for reasons for which we are not responsible (unavailability of performance), we shall notify the Buyer without delay and simultaneously advise the Buyer of the anticipated new delivery date. If we remain unable to deliver within the new delivery period, we shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement in full or in part; we shall refund without delay any consideration paid by the Buyer. Performance shall be deemed unavailable in particular if our supplier cannot deliver the products to us in time, if we have entered into a congruent hedging transaction and neither we nor our supplier is at fault, or if we are not obliged to procure the goods in a given case.

4.3 If, after conclusion of the agreement, it becomes apparent that the Buyer cannot sufficiently warrant his solvency thereby putting the payment claim at risk (e.g. by requesting the opening of insolvency proceedings), we shall be entitled to refuse delivery until the Buyer has rendered payment or provided security therefore. If the payment or security is not rendered within 12 working days following a corresponding request, we shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement.

4.4 We are deemed in default of delivery in accordance with legal regulations. A reminder by the Buyer is required in any event. If we are in default of delivery, the Buyer may require liquidated damages for the delay amounting to 0.5% of the net price (delivery value) per completed calendar week the delivery is in default, however, not to exceed a total of 5% of the delivery value of the goods delivered late. We reserve the right to provide evidence that the Buyer sustained no or substantially less damage than the aforementioned flat rate.

5.1 If Buyer’s acceptance is delayed, if Buyer fails to perform an act of cooperation or if our delivery is delayed for other reasons for which the Buyer is responsible, we shall have the right to claim compensation for the resulting damages including any additional expenses (e.g. storage costs). For this purpose, we shall charge a flat-rate compensation in the amount of 0.5% of the net price (delivery value) for each completed calendar week the acceptance is in default, starting with the delivery date or, in the absence of a delivery date, starting with the notification that the goods are ready for dispatch, but no more than 10% of the delivery value in case of final non-acceptance.

5.2 We may make and invoice partial deliveries, if the Buyer can be reasonably being expected to accept such partial deliveries.

6.1 Buyer’s rights in case of defects in quality and title are covered by statutory provisions, unless specified otherwise below.

6.2 We warrant that our goods comply with applicable European regulations provided that we were notified that the goods are intended for the European market. In all other cases, the goods shall have the specifications agreed between the parties.

6.3 With regard to material defects, the Buyer shall have the duty to examine and give notice of defects . If a defect is discovered during examination or at a later date, we shall be notified thereof without undue delay and in writing. In any case, written notification of obvious defects shall be given within two working days from delivery, and of defects not recognizable during examination within the same time period from discovery. If the Buyer fails to perform the proper examination and/or notification of defect, our liability for the unreported defect shall be excluded.

6.4 The Buyer shall give us the time and opportunity required for the subsequent remedial performance; in particular, to provide a sample of the faulty goods for inspection purposes, if requested by us. In case of a replacement delivery, the Buyer has to return the defective goods to us in accordance with legal requirements.

6.5 We shall bear the cost necessary for testing and subsequent remedial performance. If a request by the Buyer for correction of a defect turns out to be unjustified, we may require the Buyer to reimburse the cost incurred unless the absence of defect was not recognizable by the Buyer.

Warranty claims by the Buyer shall be excluded for material defects which do not or only insignificantly impair the value and suitability of the goods for the use discernible by us.

8.1 We shall be liable for damages – regardless of the legal basis – in the event of intent or gross negligence. In cases of ordinary negligence, we shall only be liable
(a) for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health,
(b) for damages from a breach of a material contractual obligation (an obligation the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper performance of the agreement and on the fulfilment of which the contractual partner regularly relies and can rely); in this case, however, our liability shall be limited to compensation for the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

8.2 The Buyer may withdraw from or terminate the agreement because of a breach of duty which does not constitute a defect only if we are responsible for the breach of duty. In all other cases, the statutory requirements and legal consequences shall apply.

8.3 The Parties shall not be liable for damage due to circumstances which could not be foreseen when the agreement was concluded and which the Parties cannot prevent or correct through reasonable actions (force majeure). If such an unforeseen event occurs, the affected Party shall notify the other Party thereof. The Parties shall then agree on how to proceed.

9.1 The statute of limitations for Buyer’s claims for material defects and defects in title shall be one year from the transfer of risk. Claims for damages because of injury to life, body or health and damage caused through gross negligence or intentionally by the Seller do not fall under this statute of limitation. Insofar, the legal statutes of limitation shall apply.


11.1 If the Buyer acts contrary to the terms of this agreement including, without limitation, failure to pay the purchase price due, we shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement and demand return of the goods after the unsuccessful expiration of a reasonable deadline for performance set for the Buyer; the legal regulations concerning the dispensability of setting a deadline shall remain unaffected.

11.2 The Buyer shall store the goods subject to retention of title for us and insure them against fire, theft, water and other hazards at his own expense. The Buyer hereby assigns his claims for compensation to which he is entitled from damages of the type outlined against insurance companies or other parties liable for damages in the amount of our claim. We shall accept this assignment.

12.1 Our prices valid on the date of the agreement is concluded shall apply ex stock and subject to the addition of the statutory value-added tax applicable upon delivery.

12.2 Any customs duties, fees, taxes and other public charges shall be paid by the Buyer.

12.3 The price does not include the disposal or taking back of empty containers and any packaging material.

13.1 The purchase price shall be payable within 14 days of invoicing and delivery of the goods. If the Buyer fails to meet this deadline, he shall be in default.

14.1 The Buyer shall keep in strict confidence all information disclosed to the Buyer by the Seller prior or during the contractual relationship verbally or in writing, in the form of documents, recipes, etc., through an explanation of production processes or in any other way directly or indirectly for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement or for other reasons, refrain from disclosing such information to third parties and from exploiting it.

14.3 The Buyer shall be liable to the Seller for any damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure to third parties. In this respect, the Buyer shall also be liable for the actions of his employees and for his own actions. Self-employed persons contracted by the Buyer as part of the fulfillment owed by the Buyer shall also be considered employees.

15.1 The exclusive – and international – place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationships which are based on these General Terms of Delivery shall be Tehran. We are, however, also entitled to commence legal action at Buyer’s general place of jurisdiction.